1. guitar Ensemble:
This CD contains the award winning arrangements of classic masterpieces by Beethoven, Vivaldi, Strauss, Mozart.
Fred Benedetti performs all four parts on this quartet album. It contains the 40th symphony of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well as a Christmas medley by Robert Mayeur.
Instrumentation: Four guitars
here comes the sun
Music of the 60's, 70's & 80's on Steel String and Nylon string guitars. Peter Pupping and Fred Benedetti's arrangements of the Beatles, James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, and others. Bud Samuels for ABC and Motown Records said "...well orchestrated, beautifully arranged, sound quality and recording process exquisite.." Instrumentation: Two guitars.


1. Here Comes The Sun
2. Dust In The Wind
3. Scarborough Fair
4. In My Life
5. Moonshadow
6. Father And Son
7. El Condor Pasa
8. Yesterday
9. Mr. Bojangles

10. Tears In Heaven
11. Vincent
12. Your Song
13. You've Got A Friend
14. Wonderful Tonight
15. And I Love Her
16. Bridge Over Troubled Water
17. Black Bird
18. Fire & R


Instrumentation: Two guitars.

A sequel to Here Comes the Sun, Morning Has Broken continues the theme of acoustic hits of the 60's and 70's specifically arranged for two guitars and special guest appearances by guitarist Peter Sprague and stand up bass player Bob Magnusson. "A perfect choice of material from the golden era of acoustic singer/songwriters, wonderfully

arranged and exquisitely performed ... what's not to like? Peter P. and Fred (with musical direction from Peter Sprague) consistently make some of the best guitar recordings released today." -John Archer-Acoustic Arts


1. Homeward Bound
2. Play Me
3. Morning Has Broken
4. House On Pooh Corner
5. Danny's Song
6. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
7. Piano Man

8. I Have To Say I Love You In A Song
9. Here, There And Everywhere

10. Sounds Of Silence
11. Let It Be
12. If I Fell
13. Something
14. Wild World
15. Shower The People


The debut album for SBE classics records brings to the world of classical guitar enthusiasts a new repertoire of arrangements of Beethoven, Vivaldi, Schumann, Rimsky-Korsakov, Chopin and others. This album has consistently ranked as a number one seller in the classical section of Tower records since it's release in July. Currently

featured on the DMX and AEI Broadcast Networks daily to businesses and locations for a listening audience in the tens of millions.

Instrumentation: Two guitars.


Spirited Spanish dances, fiery flamenco, and inspirational fast paced original
works make this first album by the duo an incredible listening experience for
everyone who enjoys classical and flamenco guitar at its upbeat best.

Instrumentation: Two guitars.



An exotic blend of Spanish, Latin-American, Middle-eastern, East Indian, and Eastern European music. This eclectic album includes theBenedetti/Svoboda duo with other talented musicians who play dumbek, sitar, congas, and various world percussion instruments.

Instrumentation: Two guitars & Band.



The debut album for DOMO records brings to the world of music a cross-cultural celebration of flamenco guitar. From peaceful, soulful expressions to fiery, impassioned rumbas, Benedetti & Svoboda meld Spanish flamenco flair with Southwest Nouveau flamenco nuance.

Instrumentation: Two guitars & percussion.



An exciting eclectic mix of virtuoso guitar music in a variety of styles and moods. Like a beautiful Spanish garden, the seperate musical colors of flamenco puro, flamenco nouveau, classical, and middle-eastern are mixed together to create a brilliant masterpiece.

Instrumentation: Two guitars , two guitars & percussion, two guitars and band.



Winner of the 1995 "Best Pop-Jazz" album of the year at the San Diego Music Awards. Brazilian, Spanish, Classical, Flamenco and Pop music make this an eclectic album. Featuring Jazz musicians Peter, Tripp , and Hall Sprague, and Bassist Kevin Hennessey, and Ottmar Liebert percussionist Ron Wagner with FredBenedetti.

Instrumentation: Two guitars, Bass, Sax, percussion.


Founded by violinist Chris Vitas and guitarist Fred Benedetti, Keltic Kharma started as a duo. Chris and Fred were known as the "MIDI Bros." performing a variety of styles of music including Celtic with MIDI instruments. After many years Chris & Fred went back to their roots with acoustic violin & guitar and started to play traditional Celtic music, but with some interesting differences--they would change meters (time feel) from 6/8 to 4/4, or 9/8 to 3/4. This was interesting for them and their audiences. The new CD "Keltik Kharma"is a departure from the traditional Celtic music that Chris & Fred play because 90% of it is original music. The tunes are written by outstanding musicians from the San Diego area that both Fred & Chris have known for years.

Instrumentation: Violin, Irish Flute, Guitar, Bass, Strings, Drums & percussion.


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